My name is Mrs. Catherine Talley Townsend, M.A.  I am the owner and creative director for Blue Ridge Lady Slipper Floral Design. That's me on the right. I have lived in the high country for 30+ years, working as a faculty member for AppState and, in tandem, working 17+ years in the high country's flower industry.


I began my career in floral design as an apprentice under a remarkably talented and established floral designer, and I fell in love with the art! The sensations of my hands plunged into buckets of blooms and my eyes dazzled and dizzy from the rich hues and endless varieties of flora seduced me effortlessly!

I graduated into a designer in my own right after two years of study and continued climbing the ladder until I  decided to open a modest floral business of my very own in 2011. 

That first little floral business had a respectable and satisfying 3 year run. Then I was offered a promotion from AppState. The promotion was quite alluring; temptation abounded. But it came at a price; I would have to choose between my identity as an educator and my identity as an artist. I would no longer be able to do both. I chose teaching. And thus said a bittersweet goodbye to my art and that first little business to make room for my students and new teaching responsibilities. That was a decade ago.

Not long after the pandemic loosened its grip on the world and we all returned to the university, I decided it was my time to leave the confines my classroom walls and explore new paths.

Blue Ridge Lady Slipper is the product of that choice. It is my newly-branded, more ambitious reboot of that first, tiny flower business that brought me so much peace and satisfaction. And I am thrilled with my choice!

Having my hands back in buckets of blooms, stems, twisted twigs, and all the rest is like swimming in cheesecake! I love the huge mess I make in my newly designed studio space. I love the thorns. I love the scissors snips. I'm creating art again! I'm in love again! Best choice ever.

All of us long-termer's who moved to these mountains and fell victim to their seductive curse, keeping us from ever escaping (nor having a desire to), have our own story about how we were caught by the Boone-a-rang. This is mine. How I found my mountain, how we became companions in a flash, and, in the end, the magic dust my mountain swished through my hair and eyes, making them brittle and burnt until I chose my mountain's petals and thorns over my classroom's stages and audiences. 

So I graciously invite you to take a look at mine and my mountain's designs, peruse through some of our products, and check out the nuts and bolts of the business born from our relationship. If you like what you see, perhaps I'm the floral designer for you! All you need do is make contact, and we'll go from there!

My best to all of you, Catherine